GroWash Seed to Sale Plant & Root Cleanser

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Seed Wash 

GroWash can be used as a seed wash at 25 ppm, either as a dip or a spray to improve the germination process. 

Cloning Solution 

GroWash can be used at 25ppm as a standalone cloning solution or in addition to a proprietary in-house cloning solution. 

Pruning Spray (Plant Wound Care

50ppm GroWash should be a mainstay during any trimming or topping operations throughout the entire life cycle of the plant as it helps accelerate the healing process post-trimming and reduce overall plant stress. 

Foliar Spray (Flowering Wellness) 

GroWash can be used as a foliar spray up to 50ppm which helps keep plants clean and thereby improves photosynthesis  

Post-Harvest Spray 

GroWash can be used as a finishing touch post-harvest treatment at up to 50 ppm to help keep buds clean before, during, or after curing/drying. 


Key features

Eco-Friendly & 100% Biodegradable

Non-flammable & No Harsh Fumes

Vegan & Cruelty-free

Made in the USA