A Revolution in Clean Agriculture

Clean Agriculture


GroWash is a revolutionary seed to sale plant and root cleanser
with a variety of beneficial uses across every crop you can grow.


GroWash is made through a cutting edge process combining salt, water, and electricity to form an 18-month shelf stable HOCl formula in Electrolyzed Oxygenated Water, a compound over one hundred years in the making.


GroWash is safe, effective, eco-friendly non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan, non-flammable, requires no protective equipment, safe for use around bees and other animals, and is completely biodegradable and leaves behind no harmful residuals.


GroWash products are focused on helping people live better lives in an increasingly contaminated world. Pesticides are an increasing concern and cost to growers, our products utilize the best Hypochlorous Electrolyzed Oxygenated Water solution available to positively impact crops.