About GroWash

GroWash is a powerful yet non-toxicseed-to-sale, multi-purpose plant and root cleanser that can be used throughout a plant’s lifecycle in all traditional and organic farming operations.

GroWash is made of Electrolyzed Water (EW), which is made from just salt, water, and electricity.

If that sounds a bit crazy, just imagine what happens when lightning strikes the ocean and you’ll begin to understand how we’ve truly captured the power of lightning in a bottle.

Whether you grow from seeds or clones, GroWash has you covered.


If you ever find yourself in a bind needing to buy seeds from a less than reputable source, then GroWash is the solution for you as it can serve as a seed wash, either as adip or a spray.


    If you grow from clones, GroWash can save you time, money, resources, and lots of headaches as it can be used as a standalone cloning solution to help keep your cloning trays clean and virtually eliminate the need to change out and clean cloning trays every 2-3 days.


    If you use a proprietary cloning solution, GroWash can be used with it to keep trays clean, or if you use a steroid GroWash can replace that as well at very low ppm.


    Think of all the money you could save by not having to have your staff change out hundreds of clones to clean trays during every grow cycle, in effect GroWash can pay for itself with this application alone.


      During the trimming process throughout the vegetative and flowering phases, GroWash serves as an excellent plant wound care product.


      All you need to do is send your trimmers into your grow with a pair of scissors and a spray bottle of GroWash; no gloves, eye protection, or any other personal protective equipment is required so you can save time and money.


      Cutting off a fan leaf is like ripping off a human fingernail and can send plants into significant stress, which limits the number of fan leaves you can trim per session.


      Imagine being able to double, triple, or even quadruple the number of fan leaves you or your trimmers can cut per session.


      With GroWash you can make that a reality as spraying GroWash on the trimming wounds helps the plant recover more quickly by keeping the wound clean and it helps to lower the stress levels of the plant.

        EW is also great for cleaning hands, so you can even have your trimmers spray their hands between trimming each plant to help ensure they have the cleanest hands possible to help prevent them from harming your plants or getting them dirty. 


        GroWash can be used up to and beyond harvest to help keep your bud clean and it will not affect the flavor or leave any harmful residuals as it degrades entirely into salt and water.


          GroWash also has some amazing descaling properties that make it ideal for any irrigation system whether using soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or fogponic systems.


          GroWash can help keep your irrigation and other lines clean of debris, mineral deposits, and just about anything else that could cause issues with water flow so that your plants stay clean and healthy and it takes a very low ppm to achieve these results (5-10ppm).


          GroWash can also be added to humidifiers to keep them clean and clean the air in your grow rooms as well.


            We start at 60 dollars for a gallon of 200ppm GroWash, which you’ll be diluting down at least 4-8:1 to treat your grow with 25-50ppm GroWash or even lower, and we are also very aggressive with our volume discounting.


            Just going up to five gallons will cut the unit cost in half as we charge a shade under $30 a gallon for that quantity so you can have a five gallon bucket for just under $150 and free shipping as well.


            If you have a larger size grow we can deliver up to a 265 gallon tote to best suit your needs. At that quantity we offer around an 80% discount so rather than upwards of $10,000 we will sell you a tote for under $2,300.


            GroWash will help you grow the cleanest cannabis in the world while saving you time, money, and resources.